Asva Labs
Token Utility
The current and planned use cases of ASVA tokens include the following.
Native token staking incentives: Users staking ASVA tokens on MetaFi DeFi platform will receive staking rewards. The mechanism will be devised to promote long-term commitment to the platform.ASVA liquidity Providers on various DEXs will be able to farm ASVA token liquidity mining rewards.
Governance: Users may stake ASVA to gain voting power and participate in the governance process to change product parameters.
Launchpad access: Token allocation on MetaLaunch is based on a tiered system. Users who intend to participate in the sales have to stake ASVA tokens. Tiers will be allotted depending on the number of ASVA tokens staked by users. Investors can access MetaLaunch token sales using ASVA token.
Metaverse marketplace: Asva metaverse marketplace will be accessible with ASVA tokens.
Payment: Users can make payment on the Metaverse marketplace and Asva Games Guild with ASVA token.
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