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Lack of DeFi infrastructure in the metaverse

Many metaverse projects want to provide staking and farming options in their project. However, due to the lack of DeFi infrastructure, they find it difficult to integrate. There are not a lot of platforms that can seamlessly bring staking, yield farming, and lending to these projects and their digital assets.

Limited access to play-to-earn platforms

Play-to-earn platforms built on blockchain play a key role in accelerating the metaverse development. However, with the rising cost of metaverse tokens and NFTs, they are largely inaccessible to new players. Early adopters, who continue to receive rewards and privileges, have a clear edge against players who enter the game in later phases. As a result, the platforms fail to cater to people with small initial investments in the long run.
Another problem that holds back players from P2E is the lack of interoperability in the space. Supporters of a certain chain may not prefer interacting with platforms that run on other blockchain ecosystems.
Amateur players find it difficult to get a grasp of the platforms and how they work owing to limited sources of training. On the other hand, avid video gamers are unaware of the huge opportunities in the metaverse. Awareness and training programs are prerequisites to making P2E platforms mainstream.

Shortcomings of existing marketplaces

Beyond hosting a place for buying and selling NFTs, most NFT marketplaces fail to address the needs of users. When it comes to user experience and innovative features, they are still to keep pace with time. Current marketplaces lack immersive features and are unfit to provide scalability to metaverse projects.

Lack of fundraising and growth frameworks

The metaverse industry calls for intense research and development to manifest the way we imagine it. Although there are many emerging projects with ambitious visions and business plans, not all of them can afford the massive capital requirements. There is a lack of growth fundraising frameworks like incubators and accelerators that extend support to early startups through initial grants.

What sets Asva Labs apart

MetaFi DeFi: Asva Labs brings DeFi to the metaverse industry through Metafi DeFi Vault, a multi-chain DeFi aggregation engine that helps users claim the best APYs on listed tokens through staking and yield farming. The key highlight of the platform will be NFT farming, made available on listed tokens and ASVA.
Reshaping play-to-earn opportunities: A simple and effective system will be put in place to make play-to-earn platforms accessible to all. It allows players to find the best P2E platforms, form guilds, maximize their yields, and share profits.
Initial NFT offerings: Following in the footsteps of cryptocurrency crowdfunding innovations, Asva metaverse marketplace features Initial NFT offerings or INOs. It will help projects raise initial liquidity for their NFTs, host auctions, incentivize investors, and engage the community.
MetaLaunch box: Asva metaverse marketplace introduces a one-of-a-kind feature that engages platform users through gamification.
Multi-chain deployment: Our solutions will be deployed on multiple blockchains to maximize liquidity, users, and traction for the projects.
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